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We specialize in providing tax advisory services to business entities and individual investors.

We also represent our clients during tax proceedings and before the administrative courts.

We assist our clients in the settlement and optimizing of their tax liabilities through implementation of tax effective solutions and tax planning.
About us:

On going tax advisory services

The major form of providing tax advisory services is through on going assistance with regard to all pending tax matters. We have significant experience in all fields of tax including: VAT, corporate income tax, personal income tax, stamp duty and international taxation. In addition through working with key market players in many sectors of economy we gained unique knowledge of their tax problems in particular in the field of real estate, financing, trading and production. We combine the knowledge of tax law with the knowledge of the practical approach of the local tax authorities with regard to various complex tax issues. The services we provide to our clients minimize the risk of tax arrears and reduce the overall tax burden. We provide advice on:

VAT and excise tax (with consideration of EU legislation)

Corporate income tax

Personal income tax

Tax on civil law transactions

Local taxes

The scope of our services includes providing advice on:

Tax consequences of intra community supplies, as well as import and export

Tax consequences of carrying on investment activities including the acquisition and construction of fixed assets

Tax consequences of the sale and redemption of shares, as well as other transactions in securities and shares

Tax consequences of various forms of restructuring of the business operations including: the sale of the enterprise, mergers, acquisitions, divisions and transformation of business entities 

Double taxation issues (including withholding tax on dividends, interest, royalties etc.)

Wording of the agreements concluded in the business turnover with regard to their tax consequences

Salary and motivation plans with regard to their consequences both for the employees, as well as the employer

Tax classification of advertising and representation expenses

Other pending tax matters

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