J.Pustuł, M.Przywara
Doradztwo podatkowe

ul. Wi¶lna 3/4
31-007 Kraków

tel. (0 48 12) 423-59-44
fax. (0 48 12) 423-59-99


We specialize in providing tax advisory services to business entities and individual investors.

We also represent our clients during tax proceedings and before the administrative courts.

We assist our clients in the settlement and optimizing of their tax liabilities through implementation of tax effective solutions and tax planning.
About us:

Tax optimization

We advise both the individuals, as well as legal entities how to lower their tax burdens. The tax optimization may concern all current business activities, as well as particular transactions (e.g. the sale of shares). For this reason we analyze the actual financial situation of the client and the amount of taxes paid, the business strategy for the next years, personal situation of the taxpayer, limitations in the disposal of assets etc. Such analysis allows us to find the right tax saving solution. Our services consist in analyzing possible scenarios and their implementation.

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