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We specialize in providing tax advisory services to business entities and individual investors.

We also represent our clients during tax proceedings and before the administrative courts.

We assist our clients in the settlement and optimizing of their tax liabilities through implementation of tax effective solutions and tax planning.
About us:

Tax procedures

The Polish law provides for severe penalties for entities whose personnel committed fiscal crimes. Business entities (including legal persons) may be subjected to a high fine in case if they are charged with negligence in the choice of personnel and supervision over its work. The penalties that may be levied by the authorities may amount up to 8% of the  revenue. For this reason it is extremely important to implement and apply the internal procedures assuring that the personnel of the company (in particular the accounting staff) is sufficiently qualified and that the processes within the company are compliant with the provisions of law. The existence of internal tax procedures may help to avoid the potential penalties resulting from the entity being charged with negligence in the choice of its personnel and mistakes in the management. Within the scope of our services we analyze the organizational structure of the company and internal management processes which take place within its business framework. The purpose of such analyses is to find the weak points in the organization of work and internal procedures that could result in penalties. Subsequent to our analyses we prepare a report in which we describe all exposures that could result in the entity being charged with negligence in relation to settlement of taxes (circulation of documents, verification of accounting documents, selection of personnel, supervision of staff etc). We point out the areas which require improvement, and if necessary, assist in preparation of the set of internal procedures to be followed by the staff.

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