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We specialize in providing tax advisory services to business entities and individual investors.

We also represent our clients during tax proceedings and before the administrative courts.

We assist our clients in the settlement and optimizing of their tax liabilities through implementation of tax effective solutions and tax planning.
About us:

Tax havens

Around the world there are a number of tax jurisdictions which offer favorable taxation of offshore income. Some countries resign from taxing income as well as other taxes normally levied in other states. We offer assistance in choosing the most favorable tax jurisdiction to which a taxpayer may allocate its profits. Our services include finding the best location for setting up an offshore company, description of the tax and foreign currency consequences of such operation, as well as legally acceptable forms of using the profits derived by the offshore company. We also assist in finding the intermediary in setting up, or acquisition of the offshore company, as well as in finding the foreign bank to operate its account. Our services also include optimization of tax on particular transactions with the use of offshore companies as well as so-called participation exemption mechanism applied in some countries.

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