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We specialize in providing tax advisory services to business entities and individual investors.

We also represent our clients during tax proceedings and before the administrative courts.

We assist our clients in the settlement and optimizing of their tax liabilities through implementation of tax effective solutions and tax planning.
About us:

Special Economic Zones

We have considerable experience in providing tax assistance to entities which carry out their business activity in the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The Zone regulations have been significantly changed in the last few years. The changes give rise to numerous speculations in particular as regards the so-called "old" entrepreneurs who obtained the permit to operate their business within the Zone yet before 1 January 2001. We offer the following services to companies operating within the SEZ:

Periodical tax reviews aiming to establish the level of potential tax arrears which could result in loss of the tax relief in relation to the so-called "old" entrepreneurs 

Assistance in classifying certain revenues and costs to exempt and taxable activities

Assistance in calculation of the so-called "Zone ratio"

Assistance in calculation of the amount of allowed and utilized state aid

Assistance in preparation of the motions for the amendment of the permit to operate within the SEZ

On going representation before the state and municipal authorities and the Zone Management with regard to the use of the tax relief

Updates on the changes in the SEZ regulations

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